Botox is a safe and effective treatment for the temporary reduction of moderate to severe facial lines, as well as for excessive sweating disorders, muscle contraction, and migraine headaches. A natural purified protein, FDA-approved 

Botox Cosmetic is the most common medical cosmetic treatment, with more than four million treatments performed per year. It is most often used to treat dynamic wrinkles. lift and shape the brow, and to soften or eliminate lines on the forehead, “crow’s feet”, frown lines, sad lines, lines under the eyes, bunny lines, dimpled chins, neck bands and necklace lines, drooping noses, bulging jaw muscles, and fine lines around the lips.

How Botox® Cosmetic Works

When you frown, smile, or make any other facial expression, your muscles contract under the skin. This constant muscle movement draws the skin together and causes it to become less elastic. The result can be frown lines and wrinkles. When injected into muscles, BOTOX blocks nerve impulses from activating the muscles, so the skin above may appear relaxed. In some cases, with repeated treatments, the wrinkle can actually disappear.

What to expect from Botox®

BOTOX treatments are quick and virtually painless. Most people do not require any anesthesia, but we can numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream before treatment if you prefer. The entire procedure takes about 10-15 minutes and requires no recovery time. BOTOX has very few side effects and allows you to resume normal activities immediately. Although results may vary, most people see an improvement in three to five days. The effect usually lasts three to five months. Repeated treatments can lead to longer-lasting effects.

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